Mindful Regeneration:

Peace for Your Mind

Find Comfort and Relief from Anxiety, Depression, Complex PTSD, and Childhood Trauma With Hypnotherapy


The Mindful Regeneration Manifesto

We are all doing the best we can with our level of consciousness. And yet, I believe we are on this earth to level up in consciousness.

I believe in mutual respect for people with all faiths and beliefs.

I believe any therapist and client can learn from each other. We are all students and we are all teachers.

I believe in respecting others’ model of the world and learning in tandem as we each face our unique struggles.

We all have a different reality because our internal map or representation of the world is set or skewed on past experiences.

You do not need to be fixed; you only need to be accepted and loved for who you are.

My greatest gift is awakening the deeply soulful part of who you were always meant to be.

I believe everyone — including and especially you — has the inner resources you need to step into that reality with true love and power.

This is the heartbeat of Mindful Regeneration:

A future you, living to your highest, fullest potential, starting today. Finding peace and empowerment in the present.

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Hi, I’m Chantelle Neufeld, founder of Mindful Regeneration and Certified Hypnotherapist. Whenever you’re ready,  I can help you find the hope and healing you need through hypnotherapy.

Each of us carries far more challenges in our minds and hearts than the world will ever realize. That was my brother’s reality: so many challenges, experiences, and trauma that he carried with him. When he desperately needed someone to listen and help him heal, no one was there.

My brother was put on a waitlist, dismissed because his struggles weren’t seen as important enough to get immediate help. He died from suicide in 2016, a loss no loved one should ever have to experience. His death poured grief, stress, and so much pain into my heart and life. It was from my grief — and healing journey — that I recognized the extraordinary healing power of hypnotherapy.

Now, I get to share my relentless passion for helping those struggling with their mental health and wellness. Hypnotherapy gave me immediate, lasting results. While my brother didn’t receive the help he needed, I now get to offer help without making anyone wait. I crafted my passion for studying how the mind works into a life-saving, paradigm-shifting, hope-dealing mission called Mindful Regeneration.

I’m certified as a Hypnotherapist by the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy Inc. I was personally trained by John Tozeland of Trance-Action Consultants in Winnipeg, Manitoba, including his Neuro-Linguistic Programming Course and Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy. I am also mentored by Featured Hypnotist and Keynote Speaker De’Anna Nunez.

Taking Our Next Step Together

No matter where you are or what challenges you’re facing from today or the past, I’m glad you’re here. I’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you who are in desperate need of relief and peace. As a Hypnotherapist, I can help you access your Subconscious Mind to reprogram any of your emotional or behavioral thought patterns using Guided Meditations.

Whenever you’re ready, you can book an introductory session to start a conversation. Mindful Regeneration is where you can be free to relax and transform whatever part of you that may be holding you back. I’m ready to serve you.




Mindful Regeneration Hypnotherapy Services:

A Spa for Your Mind to Relax, Rest and Regenerate. 

Clients trust Mindful Regeneration to provide true relief through Hypnotherapy. It’s our mission to show the healing power of hypnotherapy in an inviting, soothing way so you can understand yourself and others better. Our sessions together will help you learn how to identify and respond to what may be triggering your subconscious and physiological reactions. The end result is better communication, healthier relationships, and a more hopeful outlook for your future.

Is Mindful Regeneration Right for You?

We focus on addressing the following challenges and experiences:

    • Childhood Trauma
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Grief from loss and other life changes
    • PTSD
    • Social Anxiety
    • Religious Abuse
    • Stress

A Personalized Guided Meditation and Conversation

Hypnotherapy has a long history of success in treating mental health issues. This is a one-on-one guided experience using Guided Visualization and Meditation to help you find and release negative emotions in a comfortable space. Our Hypnotherapy sessions are designed to facilitate true healing for your Inner Child, no matter your age or stage of life.

Most of our sessions are conducted via Zoom video call. I guarantee you’ll feel better after just one session.

“My Hypnotherapy experience with Chantelle was so peaceful and relaxing. So much healing happened in a single session! More work was done in that session than 20 years of psychotherapy. Days later, I’m still feeling refreshed and whole. This WORKS!” ~ Amanda D.


Emergency Mental Health

Life often doesn’t go as expected. If you are facing a mental health crisis and are in need of an emergency session, this is your rescue line. I am available for Emergency Mental Health Crisis Counseling sessions for a select number of clients. Most sessions are conducted via phone call and there is an intake process to ensure we anticipate as many of your future needs as possible.

“I had my first session with Chantelle and it was an eye-opening experience for me. She guided me through the process of revisiting painful memories and begin to be able to look at them differently. Even after just one session, I haven’t had any more panic attacks. Chantelle is fantastic and so compassionate, would definitely recommend trying it.” ~ Kiana C.

If you are in need of an emergency session, schedule an appointment here.




Here’s What Others Are Saying
About Their Experience With Mindful Regeneration

“Out of the many healers/therapists I’ve met over the years, Chantelle is definitely one of my favorites in terms of her ability to get someone back to feeling well again, quickly. I also want to comment that she has the perfect healer personality, so full of compassion, empathy, patience, and deep love for those with whom she works. I totally recommend Chantelle!” ~ Sophie L.

“Whenever we are going through something difficult, or in need of direction, we look for a few things in particular. We seek a listening ear, we need that person to be free of judgment, and we often need suggestions for how to manage. Chantelle has the gift of being able to provide all three of those elements and more. Sometimes it’s as simple as having an objective perspective. But even in those more challenging situations, she has a great ability to listen, empathize, diagnose a situation and then help you map out a plan. She has an ability to provide insight into why you’re thinking or feeling a certain way. Then sometimes we need help taking things forward: what to do about those thoughts or feelings. Chantelle can do this as well. It’s comforting to know that she’s above all else, trustworthy and that she deeply cares and wants to help guide, encourage and heal.” ~ Mike J.

“I can’t say enough… I went back to realize where my fear came from. I released this emotion, and the very next day I felt so peaceful and fearless that I started my new business! So much healing took place in such a short amount of time! So happy I met Chantelle!”
~ Danielle I. 

“What Chantelle does is listen and take in your emotion and help you process it. She has amazing empathy and compassion. Talking to her is like having a warm blanket. What you will find is that she doesn’t so much come up with the answer to what you’re going through (although her advice is good), as help you get out in the air what’s going on in your head and allow you to form complete and healthy ideas.” ~ Steven S.

“A few days ago I had my hypnotherapy session with Chantelle. She was truly amazing at what she did. She was very calming and gave me a rundown of what to expect. I felt very comfortable with her guiding me through this session. She was patient and I could tell she really cared about me as a person, not just a client. When I had gone into the therapy session having a bad day; when the session was over it was like that part of the day had been erased from my life. It was a blur. And seemed as if there wasn’t any sadness in my past anymore. I do remember the tragic things happening but they don’t bring a dark cloud as they once did. Not only did the sadness go but I also seemed to let go of a lot of anger and hurt and control. All overnight. I am still trying to wrap my mind around how it worked, but I can gladly say that it did work and I feel much lighter, like I don’t have the weight of the world on my shoulders and I feel like a new person. It was certainly worth the experience and I will be happy to return. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for hypnotherapy.” ~ Angela D. 

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