My name is Chantelle and I’m so excited for the chance to get to know you and talk about how we can make life better for you today.

I’ve had to overcome abuse and the loss of several family members and have learned many things along the way to help me find happiness again. I work with all faiths and beliefs or lack thereof. 

My purpose in life is to learn all that I can to help people feel better and share what I’ve learned, but most of all to listen and hold space for people who need to process deep emotion. After meeting with me, my clients experience peace and empowerment. 

I’ve studied Psychology since I was a teen, reading every article and book I could get my hands on and wanted to be a Therapist when I grew up.

I raised 3 kids before finally choosing the field of study that would offer people lasting emotional healing. I chose to become an expert at the Subconscious Mind. This lead me to become a Hypnotherapist.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the word Hypnotherapist, but basically it’s a Counselor who can access the Subconscious Mind to reprogram whatever emotion, behavior or thought pattern the client would like, using a Guided Meditation. The client is fully aware the entire time and has complete control over everything.

I look forward to connecting with you.


Chantelle is Certified as a Hypnotherapist by the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy Inc. She was personally trained by John Tozeland of Trance-Action Consultants in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Chantelle continues to train with John Tozeland in a small group setting on a monthly basis, refreshing her skills and acquiring new ones. She has completed John’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming Course and  the NLP Master Practitioner.

Chantelle was coached by Hypnotist and Keynote Speaker: De’Anna Nunez.



1:1 Video call. A personalized guided meditation, to guide you through the process of releasing negative emotions in a comfortable state.

After you let me know what negative emotion or limiting belief you’d like to change, I’ll tell you a story to help you relax and access your subconscious mind. I’ll then ask you questions.

You just say the first answer that you think of, there’s no way to do it wrong and my clients have been surprised that they were able to work through their shadows in a way that didn’t overwhelm them.

My clients report lasting results after using this process of reframing the past in their subconscious, so that they don’t feel emotionally attached to the past anymore.


Phone call with me to talk about whatever you like and I’ll listen and care. I’ll also ask and answer questions and share coping strategies to make life easier for you.

To make an appointment:


I do most of my sessions on an online video call using Zoom.


“My Hypnotherapy experience with Chantelle was so peaceful and relaxing. So much healing happened in a single session! More work was done in that session than 20 years of psychotherapy. Days later, I’m still feeling refreshed and whole. This WORKS!”

~ Amanda D.


“Whenever we are going through something difficult, or in need of direction, we look for a few things in particular. We seek a listening ear, we need that person to be free of judgment, and we often need suggestions for how to manage. Chantelle has the gift of being able to provide all three of those elements and more. Sometimes it’s as simple as having an objective perspective. But even in those more challenging situations, she has a great ability to listen, empathize, diagnose a situation and then help you map out a plan. She has an ability provide insight into why you’re thinking or feeling a certain way. Then sometimes we need help taking things forward: what to do about those thoughts or feelings. Chantelle can do this as well. It’s comforting to know that she’s above all else, trustworthy and that she deeply cares and wants to help guide, encourage and heal.”

~ Mike J.


I had my first session with Chantelle and it was an eye-opening experience for me. She guided me through the process of revisiting painful memories and begin to be able to look at them differently. Even after just one session, I haven’t had any more panic attacks. Chantelle is fantastic and so compassionate, would definitely recommend trying it.

~ Kiana C.


“Out of the many healers/therapists I’ve met over the years, Chantelle is definitely one of my favorites in terms of her ability to get someone back to feeling well again, quickly. I also want to comment that she has the perfect healer personality, so full of compassion, empathy, patience, and deep love for those who she works with. I totally recommend Chantelle!”

~ Sophie L.


“What Chantelle does is listen and take in your emotion and help you process it. She has amazing empathy and compassion. Talking to her is like having a warm blanket. What you will find is that she doesn’t so much come up with the answer to what you’re going through (although her advice is good), as help you get out in the air what’s going on in your head and allow you to form complete and healthy ideas.”

~ Steven S.


“I can’t say enough… I went back to realize where my fear came from. I released this emotion, and the very next day I felt so peaceful and fearless that I started my new business! So much healing took place in such a short amount of time! So happy I met Chantelle!”

~ Danielle I.


“A few days ago I had my hypnotherapy session with Chantelle. She was truly amazing at what she did. She was very calming and gave me a rundown of what to expect. I felt very comfortable with her guiding me through this session. She was patient and I could tell she really cared about me as a person, not just a client. When I had gone into the therapy session had a bad day; when the session was over it was like that part of the day had been erased from my life. It was a blur. And seemed as if there wasn’t any sadness in my past anymore. I do remember the tragic things happening but they don’t bring a dark cloud as they once did. Not only did the sadness go but I also seemed to let go of a lot of anger and hurt and control. All overnight. I am still trying to wrap my mind around how it worked, but I can gladly say that it did work and I feel much lighter, like I don’t have the weight of the world on my shoulders and I feel like a new person. It was certainly worth the experience and I will be happy to return. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for hypnotherapy.”

~ Angela D.

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