Hi, I’m Chantelle Neufeld, founder of Mindful Regeneration and Certified Hypnotherapist. Whenever you’re ready,  I can help you find the hope and healing you need through hypnotherapy.

Each of us carries far more challenges in our minds and hearts than the world will ever realize. That was my brother’s reality: so many challenges, experiences, and trauma that he carried with him. When he desperately needed someone to listen and help him heal, no one was there.

My brother was put on a waitlist, dismissed because his struggles weren’t seen as important enough to get immediate help. He died from suicide in 2016, a loss no loved one should ever have to experience. His death poured grief, stress, and so much pain into my heart and life. It was from my grief — and healing journey — that I recognized the extraordinary healing power of hypnotherapy.

Now, I get to share my relentless passion for helping those struggling with their mental health and wellness. Hypnotherapy gave me immediate, lasting results. While my brother didn’t receive the help he needed, I now get to offer help without making anyone wait. I crafted my passion for studying how the mind works into a life-saving, paradigm-shifting, hope-dealing mission called Mindful Regeneration.

I’m certified as a Hypnotherapist by the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy Inc. I was personally trained by John Tozeland of Trance-Action Consultants in Winnipeg, Manitoba, including his Neuro-Linguistic Programming Course and Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy. I am also mentored by Featured Hypnotist and Keynote Speaker De’Anna Nunez.

Taking Our Next Step Together

No matter where you are or what challenges you’re facing from today or the past, I’m glad you’re here. I’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you who are in desperate need of relief and peace. As a Hypnotherapist, I can help you access your Subconscious Mind to reprogram any of your emotional or behavioral thought patterns using Guided Meditations.

Whenever you’re ready, you can book an introductory session to start a conversation. Mindful Regeneration is where you can be free to relax and transform whatever part of you that may be holding you back. I’m ready to serve you.