In this episode we discuss with each other our Ideal Bookshelves:  Ten books we have each chosen that have had a huge impact on our lives.

Listen, enjoy, and come away with a list of powerful and life-changing books! Please share with us your own Ideal Bookshelf titles in the comments.

In this episode we talk about three books that harness the power of the subconscious mind and the imagination for deep healing. 
Listen and learn about some powerful tools and techniques for doing your own inner work, healing trauma, and reclaiming your own power.

In this episode we talk about Narcissism, co-dependency, and why empathic people are so often drawn into relationships with narcissists. What are narcissists? How do we recognize them and the typical tactics they employ in relationships?

Self love and a healthy sense of the self are the best protection against co-dependency and exploitation. In this third part of our conversation on Narcissism, we talk about practices and rituals for regaining a healthy sense of  ourselves and standing firmly on our own ground.

Our body has wisdom and intelligence that can be tapped into easily. In this episode we share a bit of our own physical healing journey and how we communicated with our body in order to aid healing.

In this episode we discuss letting go of perfection, coming back to the simple things we enjoy, like art, music, even housework can bring us back to ourselves. When is the last time you gave yourself permission to do something you enjoyed? 

Discussing how to move from unhelpful thoughts to helpful thoughts. How journaling slows down the mind to focus on one thing at a time. We give many ideas of how to journal and what to journal about. Sharing our struggles in life, we are all students, we are all teachers.

Chantelle Neufeld leads an hour long Guided Meditation with the Intention of Nourishment of the Mind. For best results, listen every night with earbuds as you go to sleep for 21 days in a row.

In this episode we discuss various ways to access and heal parts of ourselves. We talk about basic IFS Therapy (Internal Family Systems) with Protectors, Exiles and Healthy parts, and share stories of how this kind of therapy has impacted our lives.