“My Hypnotherapy experience with Chantelle was so peaceful and relaxing. So much healing happened in a single session! More work was done in that session than 20 years of psychotherapy. Days later, I’m still feeling refreshed and whole. This WORKS!”

~ Amanda D.


“Whenever we are going through something difficult, or in need of direction, we look for a few things in particular. We seek a listening ear, we need that person to be free of judgment, and we often need suggestions for how to manage. Chantelle has the gift of being able to provide all three of those elements and more. Sometimes it’s as simple as having an objective perspective. But even in those more challenging situations, she has a great ability to listen, empathize, diagnose a situation and then help you map out a plan. She has an ability provide insight into why you’re thinking or feeling a certain way. Then sometimes we need help taking things forward: what to do about those thoughts or feelings. Chantelle can do this as well. It’s comforting to know that she’s above all else, trustworthy and that she deeply cares and wants to help guide, encourage and heal.”

~ Mike J.


I had my first session with Chantelle and it was an eye-opening experience for me. She guided me through the process of revisiting painful memories and begin to be able to look at them differently. Even after just one session, I haven’t had any more panic attacks. Chantelle is fantastic and so compassionate, would definitely recommend trying it.

~ Kiana C.


“I had a session with Chantelle today and loved every second of the experience. We had a lot to work on as I was feeling quite depressed from spending the previous week enveloped in a great deal of family drama. I felt like my emotional battery was at one bar when we started our session, and at the end, I felt like it had gone back to my normal 4 bars. During our session, we were able to travel back to three points at which I had taken on some very constricted ways of seeing the world and to release the deep feelings of guilt and shame that had kept me emotionally “bound” to feeling responsible for how my family perceived me.

Out of the many healers/therapists I’ve met over the years, Chantelle is definitely one of my favorites in terms of her ability to get someone back to feeling well again, quickly. I also want to comment that she has the perfect healer personality, so full of compassion, empathy, patience, and deep love for those who she works with. I totally recommend Chantelle!”

~ Sophie L.


“Chantelle is a compassionate listener who is insightful and sympathetic. She has a way of helping you find answers without telling you what you should do. Her ability to hear not only your words but your heart as well is healing. Chantelle is a good person to have in your corner.”

~ Bryan N.


“Chantelle expertly guided me through a hypnosis session where I released an old and deep belief around motivation and achievement. She is intuitive and knows her stuff. Thanks so much!”

~ Kasia R.


“The people who really help others are those who give of themselves. Chantelle gives of herself.

I don’t want to try and sound special by describing my life and the problems I have been through because I know that we all as human beings face big issues. What you need to know is how having Chantelle in your life can and does make it much better.

I have had a life coach, a business coach, as well as many confidants and a consigliere. I can say that I am really in the know when it comes to advisors and people of encouragement. What you get with Chantelle is a stable rock, a light for you to head towards to find your way. This has protected my mental stability and helped me make good decisions.

What Chantelle does is listen and take in your emotion and help you process it. She has amazing empathy and compassion. Talking to her is like having a warm blanket. What you will find is that she doesn’t so much come up with the answer to what you’re going through (although her advice is good), as help you get out in the air what’s going on in your head and allow you to form complete and healthy ideas.

I highly recommend you have Chantelle work with you. If you would like to talk to me I would be more than happy to discuss Chantelle and my experiences with her, with you.”

~ Steven S.


“I can’t say enough… went back in my Time Line to realize where my fear came from. I released this emotion, and the very next day I felt so peaceful and fearless that I started my new business! So much healing took place in such a short amount of time! So happy I met Chantelle!”

~ Danielle I.


“Wow! I was able to travel back in time and understand where my issue with money was rooted, back when my mom was young before she had me and struggled. Chantelle guided me through the experience and I was able to connect with my Higher Self and stepped into my power knowing at a deeper level that by serving my purpose I will never feel stress around money ever again.”

~ Raluca T.


“I had a wonderful session with Chantelle back in December and am now consciously realizing how that healing affects my day to day life. Thank you! I am now able to more boldly and bravely express myself!
The session was peaceful, calming, relaxing, and Chantelle is a very genuine healer. I highly recommend her services and wish you all love and light on your journeys! Thank you!”

~ Gus C.


“A few days ago I had my timeline therapy session with Chantelle. She was truly amazing at what she did. She was very calming and gave me a rundown of what to expect. I felt very comfortable with her guiding me through this session. She was patient and I could tell she really cared about me as a person, not just a client. When I had gone into the therapy session had a bad day; when the session was over it was like that part of the day had been erased from my life. It was a blur. And seemed as if there wasn’t any sadness in my past anymore. I do remember the tragic things happening but they don’t bring a dark cloud as they once did. Not only did the sadness go but I also seemed to let go of a lot of anger and hurt and control. All overnight. I am still trying to wrap my mind around how it worked, but I can gladly say that it did work and I feel much lighter, like I don’t have the weight of the world on my shoulders and I feel like a new person. It was certainly worth the experience and I will be happy to return. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for timeline therapy.”

~ Angela D.


“I had a session with Chantelle and my journey back in time was amazing. I was able to let go of unwanted emotions I was carrying around that didn’t serve me anymore. I also had pain in my neck and shoulders and after the session, they had all released. I enjoyed going across my Time Line to make changes and informed decisions. The very night of my session I got back my vivid dreams that were blocked for months. I highly recommend her services. She is peaceful, gifted and trustworthy. Thank-you Chantelle. Love and Light.”

~ Satina B.


“I just had my second session with Chantelle! It was in the early morning and an amazing experience! What Chantelle helped me work through was the limiting belief that change was always hard and painful. This was blocking me from putting myself out there with my new business, and hiding myself because of the deep-rooted fear of what others would think of me. During the hypnosis session with Chantelle, I was able to go into a state where I was connected to Source and to receive the lessons that were there for me to learn. I had a very large perception shift very quickly, I was able to see and really understand that more than anything else, my challenges were my reward, as they were what facilitated my learning and growth. I also realized that more than anything else, it was the growth and inspiration that I wanted from life, not the easy state of having life be extremely comfortable and predictable. I benefited greatly from the integration of my fears and desires that Chantelle facilitated for me, it helped me really understand that both wanted me to be happy and that ultimately, what brought me fulfillment was going through my challenges to become a better version of myself.”

~ Sophie L.