“Chantelle is a compassionate listener who is insightful and sympathetic. She has a way of helping you find answers without telling you what you should do. Her ability to hear not only your words, but your heart as well is healing. Chantelle is a good person to have in your corner.”

~ Bryan Noonan


“The people who really help others are those who give of themselves. Chantelle gives of herself.

I don’t want to try and sound special by describing my life and the problems I have been through because I know that we all as human beings face big issues. What you need to know is how having Chantelle in your life can and does make it much better.

I have had a life coach, a business coach, as well as many confidants and a consigliere. I can say that I am really in the know when it comes to advisors and people of encouragement. What you get with Chantelle is a stable rock, a light for you to head towards to find your way. This has protected my mental stability and helped me make good decisions.

What Chantelle does is listen and take in your emotion and help you process it. She has amazing empathy and compassion. Talking to her is like having a warm blanket. What you will find is that she doesn’t so much come up with the answer to what you’re going through (although her advice is good), as help you get out in the air what’s going on in your head and allow you to form complete and healthy ideas.

I highly recommend you have Chantelle work with you. If you would like to talk to me I would be more than happy to discuss Chantelle and my experiences with her, with you.”

Steven Sills II
Titan Construction and Steel Inc.
(510) 542-0967