1:1 Video call. A personalized guided meditation, to guide you through the process of releasing negative emotions in a comfortable state.

After you let me know what negative emotion or limiting belief you’d like to change, I’ll tell you a story to help you relax and access your subconscious mind. I’ll then ask you questions.

You just say the first answer that you think of, there’s no way to do it wrong and my clients have been surprised that they were able to work through their shadows in a way that didn’t overwhelm them.

My clients report lasting results after using this process of reframing the past in their subconscious, so that they don’t feel emotionally attached to the past anymore.


Phone call with me to talk about whatever you like and I’ll listen and care. I’ll also ask and answer questions and share coping strategies to make life easier for you.

To make an appointment:

I do most of my sessions on an online video call using Zoom.